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We all have a roll in creating a customer experience & it's up to us whether it is average or awesome.

The customer experience is the end-to-end journey; cumulative experiences across multiple touch points and multiple channels over the course of time. 

Unlike the customized services we provide, experiences are inherently personal, memorable.

The customer experience is truly the customer’s perception of doing business with our company. 

The best possible experience is perceived as positive. We have created a platform on which to find out what our customers want and need.

The foundation to maintaining a successful business is retaining customers & building strong customer loyalty. 


"Open communication, collaboration and healthy, constructive dialogue with the members of the project team were key components to creating a successful, unique space. This enabled EAW to fully grasp and understand the Carbonite culture and the goals for their new space. 

The client was actively engaged in all decisions. They had a vision and charged their professional team - including IA, JLL and Columbia Construction - to fulfill their idea of exactly what they wanted their space to look like and how it needed to function."

Roger Kaufman, Account Executive EAW



"For their new facility, High Liner Foods had the unique ability to create a new workspace from the ground up. Changing old, well established work habits in a traditional environment was paramount. They not only welcomed the challenge, but embraced the change.

EAW worked collaboratively with HLF's project team - including CBRE and Packard Design - to make their vision a reality. Branding and color palette played a key role in defining the space and creating the overall design aesthetic."

—Ken Patrick, President EAW



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