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Please tell us!

Sitting is the new smoking. It's what we're hearing. We all know that smoking is bad...really bad. But SITTING?!

Movement in the workplace - whether utilizing HATs, treadmill/bike desks, FitBits, or "walking" meetings - has been shown to increase productivity, creativity, prevent heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, AND lessen the chances of stroke. All good things.

What have you noticed? Have you seen a rise in customer requests for adding movement to the workplace including treadmill desks, bike desks, standing desks, and other solutions vs. traditional desks?
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It's our goal to support the design community with creative product offerings for what's happening in the workplace. Let us know what YOU think. Tell us more. We always welcome feedback.

March is "Wellness in the Workplace" month @enviroatwork #wellnessatwork

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Okay, now let's get moving!


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